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Our second interview is with Wendy and Charles Siefken, their book Kai's Journey caught our eye with its originality and wanted to know more.Here is the interview:

Q. Kai's journey is unusual concept, it caught my eye straight away, what was your inspiration behind it, was it a sudden idea or did it form over time?
It actually started as an idea while still in school for an English class. We would write in journals pretty much anything we wanted to write about. It started there and just seemed to take off from there. Over time it developed from a short story into book form. The principal decided to give us the challenge of writing a book and getting it published on our own. Two years later we came across the Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace.

Q Do you read a lot of fiction or do you find that it gets in the way of writing?
I read a lot of other fiction. It helps to create new ideas and expand on current ideas also.

Q Do you publish independantly or through a publisher and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this?
We publish independantly through Kindle Direct Publishing and CreateSpace. The advantage of this is you don't get another rejection letter, or have to find an agent willing to take on Young Adult sci/fi with dragons, zombies and werewolves in the story. The disadvantage is you have to promote the book yourself. But that can be fun in itself too.

Q Anything in the pipeline?
 Yes the second book for Kai's Journey and quite a few other stories as well as a fictional story about a man who disappears for 15 years to start a new life.

Q Did you always want to be an author or was it accidental?
 I didn't always want to be an Author but it did develop over time. The more I wrote the more I wanted to do this for a living.

Q They say that everybody has a novel inside them, do you agree with this?
Yes. Somewhere at some time in their life they will write that novel.

Q What advice would you give to anybody wanting to self publish for the first time?
 Never ever give up! research, research and more research. Keep asking questions. If someone says no, go to another person. But never ever give up!

Q Sum up what you would like a reader to feel when they finish reading your book?
Entertained and really wanting to read the second one to see how the characters solve the problem!

ROK, Thank you both and best of luck!